The day I nearly died, but was sorta kinda saved by Facebook.

Okay, right from the outset, let me say that I didn’t nearly die. But after you read what happened, you’ll understand why I’d say that. My heart really could have given out, though. But first, some background; my phone sustained some serious damage a few weeks ago. Well, it’s been steadily sustaining damage for months, but the drop a few weeks ago was the “crack” that broke the proverbial camel’s back. It was the Mother of all screen cracks, I tell you! And all I could do was look in silent horror as the liquid crystal “ink” slowly painted my entire screed black. I learned something interesting as I watched this in slow-mo: phones generally have two glass screens; the top screen that you press on and the one underneath it keeping the black liquid crystals at bay. Anyway, now I can’t use my phone. I left it at a shop for repairs yesterday, and I arrived a bit too late to pick it up this afternoon and found the place closed, so I’ll only have it back tomorrow (I hope). That said, let me tell you what happened in the wee hours of Monday morning…

So, I’m innocently sitting at the round table in the study nook adjoining our living room, working (Netflix-ing), when a tiny, 30cm-odd snake casually slithers toward me. It appeared all black, but I couldn’t see its underbelly. I would later discover that it was actually dark-brown, with a very light-brown underbelly. Anyway, I immediately whimper like a little child and jump up onto the chair I was seated on. The moment I made a sound, that snake froze and just posted right there at the entrance to the nook. Look, I was genuinely scared,  even though this was a tiny house snake. So now I’m standing on a chair, and I proceed to call out to my dad who is, by now, in lala land dreaming about whatever. I call my brothers names out, but they’re also upstairs sleeping, obviously, because it’s after midnight, and that’s what most people do at that time of the night. So I’m screaming and shouting, not at the top of my lungs, because somewhere in my mind, this situation is not that deep and someone will obviously hear and come to my rescue. But don’t misunderstand. I am scared. I mean, it’s a snake. But it’s just a small house snake, so why freak out, right? I’m too cool for that sort of thing. But 10 minutes lapse and no one has come to save me. So I start to get a little worried, and I proceed to bang my plastic water bottle on the ceiling, hoping to get my father’s attention, since the study nook is directly below his bedroom. I shout a little louder now, and call even my little sister’s name this time. I’m thinking I just need someone to know I’m here and I’m stuck. Another 10 minutes of this low-key/high-key noise, but still nothing. Then I look down at that long black worm thing on the floor and it suddenly dawns on me that I might actually be in real danger. I don’t know what sort of snake this is. I don’t know if it’s venomous or not. I don’t know if it spits or if it can leap. For all I know, it could be full-sized for its breed, and may actually be very dangerous. Fun Fact: There’s a snake sanctuary right behind the estate I live in. So yeah.

Anyway, these thoughts flood my mind, and I think I actually have a panic attack right there, standing on the chair, staring at this un-moving, over-sized worm-like creature (but obviously much cooler-looking than a worm, because worms are just gross!). And now I’m considering the very real possibility that I might have to stay up all night in a stare down with this snake in my then-current position on the chair. And the snake is so still and seemingly calm, as if it knows something I don’t, and it’s just waiting for the opportune moment to strike… And I actually begin to cry from fear. I literally choke when I try to shout for my dad again, and my mind is spinning. Then I realise my computer is still in front of me on the table. I grab that little thing (it’s so light) and I want to type furiously, but I can’t do that one-handed. So I start to type slowly to get someone’s, anyone’s attention, but before I can so that, the snake moves!!! It turns its head and starts to slither away from me. But this doesn’t bring me comfort! In fact, it freaks me out even more! If the snake leaves this area, I won’t know where it is, and I won’t be able to chill. So I scream louder (now I’m screaming with purpose, screaming like I mean it, screaming like it’s the coolest thing in the world to do), and this time, I’m hoping even the neighbours will hear me and come help a girl! But guys, sleeping people sleep! Like, you’ll die alone in this neighbourhood if you wait to be rescued because you were screaming for help. Trust me. I lived through it! Anyway, now the snake is out of my line of sight and I’m nearly dead in spirit, but I manage to write a post on my timeline asking anyone awake to hit me up. One friend texts me and I tell him the situation. I give him my father’s number, and he calls my father. A few minutes later, I hear a door open upstairs and I know I’m saved! So that’s how FB sorta kinda saved me in this scary situation.

Oh, you want to know how the whole thing ended? My dad and twin brother killed the snake. It actually was able to to leap, and freaked them out a bit. But they crushed its head. I feel a little bad that it had to die, but I don’t play with snakes.


What if there was once an ocean in the sky?

So, there’s this question I came across online as I was reading Genesis this morning. Someone asked if it’s really possible to flood the earth with 40 straight days and nights of rainfall. I didn’t know this was being asked, but I suppose it makes sense. What let me to find this was my own question on the subject after reading Genesis 1:6, which talks about when God made the atmosphere (or firmament [fancy words~]). It goes like so –
Genesis 1:6 (KJV)
And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
Genesis 1:6 (AMP)
And God said, “Let there be an expanse [of the sky] in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters [below the expanse] from the waters [above the expanse].” 

A lot of water.

After reading that, I wondered about what the earth and sky must have looked like before the flood, and I actually looked out the window to the sky. I literally tried to imagine what the “waters” that went up to make room for the firmament must have looked like, since all we can see now are clouds; a post-flood phenomenon, if you will. Then the thought hit me that there was actually a water in the sky! Exactly half of the water that we have on the earth (including subterranean water, I imagine), just chilling where we now see empty space! That’s a lot of water, if we consider what tectonic movements have done to the earth’s surface, and imagine that maybe there weren’t as many mountains, or that they might not have been as high as now… This is all obviously theoretical. I’m not a Bible scholar or a scientist. I’m just an imaginer.

So this imaginer started to wonder just how much water that would have been. What did it look like??? But more importantly, how much water can one collect from a 40-days-straight downpour? And the answer I got, based on a calculation of assumptions (not my own), was rather anti-climatic. This was it:
If we have steady rain of 2.54cm every hour (1in), we would have 60.96cm (2ft) of accumulated rain per day. If it rained like this non-stop for 40 days, we’d get 24.384m (80ft) of water. That’s certainly quite a flood! BUT! 24.384m of water, or even 50m of water can’t cover mountains.

The highest mountain range in South Africa (where I live), The Drakensberg Mountain Range is elevated at 3482m! And that’s humble, compared to others, like fellow African Mount Kilimanjaro, sitting at 5895m above sea level, and the Andes, standing at 6961m! Then there’s the obvious Himalayas mountain range whose highest peak, Everest, elevates to a cool 8848m! Karakoram, whose highest peak, K2 (Mt. Godwin-Austen), the 2nd highest mountain in the world, stands at 8611m! Also a part of Himalaya, Kangchenjunga, the 3rd highest mountain in the world, sits at 8586m. Fun Fact: Karakoram is the point at which the three famous mountain ranges meet – Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindu Kush.
Mount Tirich Mir is highest peak of the Hindu Kush, and stands at 7690m above sea level, but I find the meaning behind the names Hindu Kush and Tirich Mir rather interesting. Check them out when you have time. Anyway, I digress with all these mountain heights!

My point is, 24m-odd of rainfall won’t nearly be able to cover any of these mountains, much less the whole planet! Now, sure, one might say we must consider tectonic plate movement and fault motion, as I’ve briefly mentioned. But it’s claimed that the ark of Noah was found near the top of Mount Ararat, which sits at 5137m above sea level. So, supposing the aforementioned great mountain ranges hadn’t been formed yet, and let’s even suppose Mt. Ararat wasn’t as high as it is, I highly doubt that 24m of water could cover it. And people are just sure that 40 straight days of measurable rain can’t flood the earth, and I think they’re right!

More Fun Facts: In 1997, it rained continuously for 79 days in Otis, Oregon. And in 1920, it rained for 88 consecutive days in Ketchikan, Alaska. But the cake haver and eater would be Maunawili Ranch, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu where, from 1939 – 1940, for a staggering 331 straight days, they had measurable rain! And we should also consider, according to the rain cycle, nature requires water to evaporate, condense and form clouds, then rain again when said clouds become too heavy to hold water (thanks to cousin Gravity). So how could 40 days (and nights) of rain flood the earth when 331 days didn’t? Well, the latter part of Genesis 7:11 (KJV) says this: “… the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.”
Genesis 7:11 (AMP) – “… on that same day all the fountains of the great deep [subterranean waters] burst open, and the windows and floodgates of the heavens were opened.”

So, not only did it rain EVERYWHERE, it rained half the water that existed before the earth was habitable, including subterranean waters! That’s a lot of water, and if it kept pouring for 40 days, I think it could flood the earth and cover peaks as high as Ararat (or higher…?) That’s a bit difficult for me to imagine, I’ll be honest, since all I’ve ever known were clouds in a mostly empty sky. I think it would be kind of cool to live under a watery sky, but also a bit daunting… But just think of what the sky would reflect! How beautiful it would be!!!

In any case, even with all I’ve said, with God, nothing is impossible. So, if He so wished, He could cause an endless amount of water to fall on the earth with intent to flood it, and nothing in science or logic would be able to explain it either way.

I got this from someone’s blog, and the post it’s associated with is quite something to read! Check it out here.

All other images are from stock image sites Pexels and Pixabay. They have really great, high quality images there, and they’re free. Check them out if you need things like that.


Kubrick’s The Shining – The Tricycle Scene!

I love reading fellow filmmakers’thoughts on stuff! This is short, but sweet.



Kubrick’s The Shining – The Tricycle Scene!

One of the most talked-about shots in the picture is the eerie tracking sequence which follows Danny as he pedals at high speed through corridor after corridor on his plastic Big Wheel tricycle. The soundtrack explodes with noise when the wheel is on wooden flooring and is abruptly silent as it crosses over carpet. We needed to have the lens just a few inches from the floor and to travel rapidly just behind or ahead of the bike.

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About Time.

I’ve heard it said that time heals all wounds.

But the older I get, the less I believe that statement. The way I see it, time doesn’t heal wounds. It only helps you forget about them. Somewhere in the book of John, I believe it’s in chapter 14, Jesus talks about asking for anything in His name, and He’ll grant it! He says, if we ask for ANYTHING, He’ll hook it up. Now, as I’m reading this, I’m thinking about Continue reading “About Time.”


The UNposted Post 

Some honest words.

Mathunzi Macdonald

There are roughly 30 (thirty) posts uncomfortably sitting in the drafts folder of Mathunzi Macdonald’s personal blog account. Ridiculous?

There are things I have been unable to speak openly about for fear of ridicule and possible public shame. There are topics I realized I had very little interest in and would be posting, well for the sake of posting. There are things I could have shared that had the potential to label me a complete “sham” as they would simply be depicting my “social media appropriate life”.

The launch of my website came with a promise of regular blog posts about everything Mathunzi. I assured friends and family that I was ready to wear my scars proudly and share in my “Johannesburg City Life” and all the various things that I do work wise and in my leisure time. What I did not anticipate was yet another dramatic twist…

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Onew is innocent!

There are so many other things I could be writing about because it’s a really trying year! Ji Chang Wook has gone to army, Kim Woo Bin is sick, Song Joong Ki is getting married, Seo In Guk was sent home from army after just 4 days!!!! But the thing that’s bothering me to the nth degree is this whole Onew saga! I have to say something today!!!! I can’t just stay quiet. I will be upfront and say from the get go that Onew and Taemin are my favourite members of SHINee, but that doesn’t inform my stance. I may not know the members personally, and I may have never met them, but being a SHINee fan, I just can’t believe that Onew would commit such a crime. And any other SHINee fan would agree with that sentiment. That aside, let’s just consider the actual facts of the incident in question. I’ll lay it out for those reading this who may not know; Onew, SHINee’s amazeballs leader, has been accused of sexual harassment at a club in Gangnam on August 12th. Continue reading “Onew is innocent!”