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Onew is innocent!

There are so many other things I could be writing about because it’s a really trying year! Ji Chang Wook has gone to army, Kim Woo Bin is sick, Song Joong Ki is getting married, Seo In Guk was sent home from army after just 4 days!!!! But the thing that’s bothering me to the nth degree is this whole Onew saga! I have to say something today!!!! I can’t just stay quiet. I will be upfront and say from the get go that Onew and Taemin are my favourite members of SHINee, but that doesn’t inform my stance. I may not know the members personally, and I may have never met them, but being a SHINee fan, I just can’t believe that Onew would commit such a crime. And any other SHINee fan would agree with that sentiment. That aside, let’s just consider the actual facts of the incident in question. I’ll lay it out for those reading this who may not know; Onew, SHINee’s amazeballs leader, has been accused of sexual harassment at a club in Gangnam on August 12th. I was heading out to a performance that morning when the news landed on my lap, but it was quickly open and shut. Or so it seemed. You see, Onew was out with friends celebrating a friend’s debut as a DJ. They went to a club, and I guess they were there all night. Long story short, Onew was drinking. He shouldn’t have been, we all know. He said a while ago that he had stopped, but I guess he fell off the wagon. It can happen. Don’t judge him so harshly unless you’re infallible! Anyway, back to cutting this story short, he touched (or held, I suppose), this girl’s leg who was dancing on a table (in that club, the tables are called stages and people dance on them, I guess) because he thought it (her leg) was a pole and he was trying to stabilise himself. He did this twice, and both times, his friends came to his aid and explained to the girl that he (Onew) was drunk, and they apologised to her. You’ll find some articles saying he touched her three times, but whatever the number, she was apologised to.

Look, I’m not trying to bash this girl, but if someone grabs or touches you LEG, it’s not SEXUAL HARASSMENT. Please don’t joke about something so serious! People go through real sexual harassment, and here you are complaining because someone held you leg at a club?! Even after conceding that this kind of contact can occur at a club, especially when people are drunk?! You even drop the damn charges!!!! But Onew’s going to be prosecuted when he didn’t even deny having touched your leg! Why couldn’t you just let it go? You go compensated for the “leg-touch”, so what more do you want?! Should Onew’s career be tarnished because he touched someone’s leg? Really???

Okay, let me shift my anger. Maybe this chick did let it all go, I mean she dropped the charges after all. Why in the hell are netizens out to kill Onew? What exactly has he done that they should be out for blood like this? His image is clean. SHINee’s image is clean. These boys aren’t known to cause trouble or anything like that. But because someone’s leg got touched, Onew must be removed from the drama he’s currently working on? He should be excluded from SHINee’s comeback? Stop it! You all obviously need to stop! Think, guys! You’re literally ruining someone’s life here. This isn’t an episode in a drama where the director will yell, “Cut!” at the end of the day and we all go home for dinner. His life, his livelihood, his career, you’re setting everything he’s worked for over the last 12 odd years, training time included. I’m not condoning drinking until you can’t remember! Honestly, I don’t like that he was a club all night and into the morning of the next day, I’m talking day light. But he was, and so was the “victim” and everyone else that was there. They all shouldn’t have been there. It’s strange that they were there. But whatever. They were there. Look, Onew hasn’t done anything worth being this heavily critisized for. I don’t want to see in my comments section some random crap about when he dated someone older than him. Dating isn’t a crime or a sin! Many idols date! I don’t want to see any crap about that vape he was smoking a million years ago! It wasn’t even a real cigarette! But let’s even say it was. Should his career end? What about all the other celebrities that smoke? Should they all just stop? Lee Minho, Kim Woo Bin, Ji Chang Wook, should they all just go home? Or is it because he’s an idol? Okay, should Sehun pack up and go? What about Tao? Or T.O.P? G Dragon? Must they all stop working?! Furthermore, Onew is being cooperative with the police and isn’t trying hide anything. He even apologised! So what’s up?! Please people, stop being so quick to demand harsh punishments for small things. My blog may have started out with fierce anger, but now I’m just so saddened because the world is so fickle. They’ll just turn their backs on you the second you do something small. This article gives more insight. But look at the damage that’s already been caused. Music Bank Singapore is doing the most! Onew is edited out of these two songs. This blog has more on Music Bank Singapore‘s actions.

I’m just shook.


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